About Us

Wayawu Estate is situated centrally on the Bellarine Peninsula - a perfect location for producing cool climate wines.

In 2004 John and Stephanie (with family and friends) planted a 0.5 hectare of shiraz with four different clones. The mix of fruit produced by these clones adds to the complexity of our wines in the glass.

The vineyard is exposed to the Bellarine’s cool maritime breezes off Bass Strait that extend our ripening season producing full bodied wines with depth of colour, bouquet and flavour.

Our vines are hand pruned. The fruit is hand picked. And our wines are hand crafted with scant mechanisation and minimal interruption to the natural maturation from fermentation to bottling.

Bunches with high sugar are crushed in the cool of the morning into open-top fermenters. Fermentation is slowed to give ample time for the concentration of fruit flavours and deep crimson/purple colouring to the newborn wine. After complete fermentation the wine is basket pressed into stainless steel tanks for malalactic conversion and settling of lees. The young soft wine is transferred to French oak barrels for up to 18 months wood maturation. The wine is then bottled using gravity and without filtration or fining. The clarity of the wines in the glass is the natural outcome of this gentle and patient process. 

In 2017 John and Stephanie expanded their wine production to include a Chardonnay and a Cabernet Sauvignon. The fruit for these wines is sourced from Pettavel Australia's Strathmore Vineyard in Sutherlands Creek, part of the Geelong wine region.


All Shiraz vines below, right up to the Wayawu Estate Cellar Door